Our state-of-the-art facility includes Mechanical and CNC Swiss screw machines. We develop and produce all tooling and programming in-house to ensure that the design and manufacture are both high quality and cost-efficient. Whether you need a complex new product or a small part in service for decades, we can match your project with the right machine – and the right people – to get the job done on time and budget.

  • We use only the highest quality materials.
  • In-House cam design and manufacturing ensures compliance to the strictest tolerances.
  • Shadowing technology ensures the structural integrity of every part we manufacture.

We are large enough to engage the most challenging jobs, yet small enough to be flexible in handling small orders and prototypes. With the addition of our alliances, we can meet all of your part needs in various materials, ranging from exotic medical and aerospace requirements to plastics.

Swiss Screw Machines
16 Tornos R10 10 mm
2 Tornos R125 12.5 mm
5 Tornos R7 7 mm
3 Strom 12.5mm

CNC Swiss Type Machines
1 Tsugami B012 12 mm
1 Tsugami B018 18 mm
1 Tsugami BS19 19 mm
1 Tsugami BS20II 20 mm
2 Tsugami BS20III 20 mm
1 Tusgami BS26 26 mm
1 Star SNC10 10 mm
1 Star SR16 16 mm

Coil Fed Screw Machines
1 Esco D2

CNC Toolmaking Machines
1 CAM-APT CNC Cam Producing System

Diamond Wheels
2 Agathon
1 Star

Secondary Equipment
2 Hardinge Hand Screws
3 Hartford Roll Threaders
5 Various Drill Presses
3 Various Belt Sanders
2 Barker Milling Machines
1 Baleigh Sanding Table
2 Various Lathes
1 JF Berns Rod Pointer

Quality Control
2 ST Optical Comparators
2 J&L Optical Comparators
1 Keyence Vision System
1 Mitoyo Profilometer

*Large array of thread, pin and height gauges, as well as several micrometers and calipers

Parts Cleaning & Shipping
2 New Holland Oil Spinners
1 Mackenzie Parts Separator
2 Various Tumbling Barrells
2 Various Parts Scales